Signs Of Abuse

Abuse can take on many different forms. Example behaviors are given below. Note that this is just a partial list, and not all of these things might apply in your situation. If you would like to learn more about the signs of abuse, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence discusses the traits and warning signs on their website.

It’s not your Fault

Remember that if you are being abused or have been assaulted, it is not your fault. Find a safe environment and a trusted friend to stay with you and call or email us. We can provide assistance and give you helpful information. Visit the NCADV website if you Think You’re Being Abused.

Not Sure if a Friend or Relative is in Trouble

Do you suspect a friend or family member has been sexually assaulted or is being abused by their partner? Talk to them. Suggest that they contact us – we can help if they are in need. Don’t push them. Domestic abuse isn’t an easy circumstance to accept as a victim. Your friend or family member may be in denial or give excuses for their partner’s actions. Remain persistent. Remind your friend or family member that domestic violence can be stopped, and that they deserve love and care.

Learn More

To learn more about the causes and dynamics of domestic violence, visit the “Learn More” page on the NCADV website.

Minnesota Restraining Order Form

This link contains the links to the documents and forms needed to file for restraining orders, dismissal and contempt forms, as well as, modification and publication forms.

Minnesota Order For Protection Form

This link contains the links to the documents and forms needed to file an order for protection. This link also provides you with additional forms needed for out-of-state protection forms and change of address forms.

Minnesota Fee Waiver Form

This link contains the links to the documents and forms for the fee waivers for the court. You can also find additional links here for instructions and orders needed for further processing of the fee waivers.

Resource Numbers

Rape/Sexual Assault/Domestic Assault
Emergency (County or City) 911
Advocacy Center of Winona* (507) 452-4440
24/7 Crisis Line (507) 452-4453
Office Hours 8:30-4:30, M-TH, F by appointment
New Horizons Shelter & Center* (608) 791-2600
Women’s Shelter-Rochester* (507) 285-1010
Crisis Response SE MN (844) 274-7472
Winona County Victim Services (507) 457-6586

Non-Emergency Numbers
Winona County Sheriff (507) 457-6368
Winona Police Department (507) 457-6302
Goodview Police Department (507) 452-1500
Lewiston Police Department (507) 523-2534
St. Charles Police Department (507) 932-3020

If you would like to be notified of an inmate’s release from
custody or obtain other custody information:

Minnesota Victim Information and Notification Everyday Service (VINE)
1-877-MN4-VINE –

Domestic Violence Specific Rights
• You have the right to petition the court for an Order for
Protection, Harassment Restraining Order.
• Domestic abuse victims may have ability to terminate a lease.

Sexual Assault Specific Rights
• Sexual assault victims can make request for HIV testing of offender.
• Sexual assault victims do not have to pay the cost of a sexual
assault examination.
• Sexual assault victims to not have to report the assault to law
enforcement to receive the free examination.
Advocates are available to assist victims/survivors.

Report Number:
Officer Name and Badge Number:

Safe Web Use

Safety Exit Button
Here at the ACW, we know how important your security is. If you ever suspect someone is entering the room and you need to quickly and discreetly leave the website, just click the “Safety Exit” button located on the right side of the screen.

Upon clicking the button, a new tab will open and both tabs will display common websites. This will make it seem that you were just surfing the web.

If you wish to return to the ACW site, you will need to re-enter the web address in your browser.

Delete Browser History

If you are in an abusive relationship or even if you just want to be extra careful and not raise any questions, deleting your history is very important after leaving our site.

Internet browsers keep records of the sites that you visit. This record is referred to as your Internet history. A third-party or an abusive partner could view this history to see that you visited the ACW website.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.