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Connect with a LGBTQ+ Mentor in the community!

Once you are registered for the mentee program, you will be contacted by staff at the ACW. We are currently developing matches and will provide a timeframe for your match within two weeks.

Once matched, you and your mentor will meet up for a few hours every month and do something fun in the community. Each month the group will get together to hang out and do awesome activities!

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OBJECTIVE: To provide a positive adult mentor to LGBTQ+ youth between the ages of 13-20. To
create a sense of community through group meet-ups in order to ensure a safe and healthy
community in Winona.

1. Develop a connection with an individual by offering consistency,
encouragement, and role modeling.
2. Interact with the individual in a variety of simple, sharing
3. Fulfill the time and contact requirements of the program. 

  1. 25 years of age.
  2. Be able to commit 8-10 hours a month to the program
  3. Have transportation to various community sites within the Winona area. 
  4. Be able to complete the ACW Mentor enrollment and training process as directed. 
  5. Be able to demonstrate sufficient reliability, judgment, and motivation to fulfill the role of a
    The following characteristics are important in working with the individuals in our program: 
     Openness and empathy towards diverse life experiences.
     Flexible approach to selecting activities, based on the interests of the individual and the
    goals of the program. 
     Demonstrated ability to be consistent and reliable. 
     Willingness to develop healthy, interpersonal relationships with group members.
     Empathy, active-listening, and communication skills required for mentoring.
    TIME/LOCATION: A few hours, two times a month. 8-10 hours a month. Days and times are flexible,
    except for the program’s planned group activities. Mentoring will take place at various public
    locations in the Winona area. 
    LENGTH OF COMMITMENT: 1 year (minimum). Resignation from program would require a 2
    month notice in order to ensure a healthy transition for mentees.
    PREPARATION AND TRAINING: Enrollment process and 2-3 hour training.

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